The famous online marketers and also the quiet yet huge companies investing in online advertising departments are planning to take over your niche.

Just think about it. If you’re niche has good profit potential, then someone with more resources than you will soon come and pull the rug from under you. Unfair? Tough shit, this is business, and like Robert Ringer shows in Winning Through Intimidation “they’re out to get your chips”.

Day-by-day the web accelerates and some successfully tap a living, others tap a goldmine, and yet others tap their head in frustrated wonder.

The ONLY way that YOU can stay competitive comes via developing a strategic well managed and organized approach to everything you do online.

Let me say that again because you have been programmed from all sides to believe these concepts are scary and hard to do.

  • Strategy
  • Managed
  • Organized
  • Does that feel opposite to the dreamy life of a beach side laptop netrepreneur? I spent 14 months in Thailand.
  • Hopping from one tropical island to the next. Working via laptop. Sipping from fresh coconuts. And yet, I worked very very hard.

Here’s the obvious choice you have:

  • To live in fantasy land from hyped marketing of easy riches, or
  • To listen to the people that make it big.
  • They admit success does not come without a heavy price of time, effort and experience.

Sure it’s fun, of course you’d work long hard hours if it meant all the cash you want for a lavish lifestyle. Hard work is wonderful when it’s successful for you.

I’m assuming that you have made the right choice. That you are not scared off by the ideas of ‘strategy’ and ‘getting organized’ and ‘managing your efforts’.

Perhaps you don’t yet know how to organize and manage online strategy. And in fact, if you feel you’re struggling with your online projects, then quite simply the reason is a lack of organized strategy.

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