I was thinking about writing this post for quite awhile now and I figure I’ll just go with it and get it over with because I feel people need to know about it. I believe that everyone who is doing internet marketing, whether you are a beginner, experienced or advanced MMO guy I feel that you should have a book out on the kindle, better today then tomorrow.


Because kindle kicks ass.

I have never seen a platform where someone can work and put something out and get a decent return of investment. When you build websites you don’t make any real money until months after. With kindle you can start selling books the day after they are released. Even if you are a complete noob, and you have no idea what you are doing…publish a book on kindle and you can make sales.

Do your keyword research, pick a hot selling niche, and write a good book and you can make some REAL cash.

Since I just released my first book, that shows you how to do keyword research, I am going to release another, but this time it is going to be free. This is going to be a quick and dirty guide to learning how to publish on the kindle. I want you to get a book up ASAP so you can see for yourself the kind of potential this platform has.

Then afterwards you can really dig deep and put some effort in so you can make some REAL money with kindle.

Anyways, just wanted to get that out and let yous all know what I am up to. I am still doing the fiverr case study although I haven’t been as hard on it as I was in the beginning. I will explain more about that later in another post. If you haven’t looked it up you might want to.

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