Its All About Tenerife

Tenerife’s best plastic surgeon

A new surgeon opens ! – Ok it’s new, but it is repackaged.

This year we had a new medical practitioner open in the south of the island. They have
arguably some of the best surgeons from –nose job surgons.It is a fantastic resource for anyone thinking about getting cosmetic surgery while on holiday. Some of the surgeons focus on nose job, others on face lifts. Visit the practice in Santa Cruz and see what they say.
Local Optimised launched in Puerto de la Cruz this. They are now taking clients in the local
area, but also throughout Europe.


Although be advised, plastic surgery is not for everyone. It costs a lot of money and is out of the price range for most people. Face surgery is the most common type of cosmetic surgery in Tenerife. Although some people choose to have liposuction which is the remove of fat tissue. Other procedures include: breast sculpting, Otoplasty, eyelid surgery and mammaplasty in Tenerife

Spanish site ‘cirugía cosmética’ Here you will see the Spanish equivalent of the same website. All the content is the same but it is targeted towards a Canarian audience. One of the most common things people choose a plastic surgeon by is price, but this is not always a good idea as you get what you pay for. It is worth investing in something as precious as your face. Being aesthetically beautiful can lead to more opportunities in a persons life a well as higher self esteem. A person must be of good health if they are to undergo surgery.

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So what is new in Tenerif

Que Pasa? Why not read  Sam Westfield’s blog, ­ he knows what is going on in Puerto de la Cruz. 
Tenerife tourism Blog  (in Spanish)  general Tenerife news and events. If you want to improve you English, or in fact any language. are looking for I would recommend Spanish language immersion from BLA languages. They offer weekend courses, where they take you over the entire island of Tenerife. What is great is that you will constantly be speaking the entire time –and learning! They are run by are really great guy who knows the island very well and you will get to visit many places outside of class time. So overall I would personally rate them as 4.5 stars out of 5 as the only negative thing is there is no enough parties in El Medano as it is just small town, for that reason you need to go to Las Americas if you want BIG parities.

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Spanish marketing Company.

So what to small business’s need to succeed online in Spain? See you willl find a great  Online Marketing company in Tenerife (website).  Don’t judge them because they have a Weebly webiste, there general standard of work is extremely high and cannot be matched in the Canary islands. Watch here, best Online Marketing video.. Amazing results for their clients. They do business all over Spain and in Europe. They need to be visible online for customers to see where they are and buy their stuff, its as simple as that. This is particularly true for the Canary Islands, where the internet is everything for the locals. See their office in Santa Cruz. If these services interest you, look at the Linked-in profile of this. SEO in Tenerife.  For the video. Make sure to look at the  Slideshare of George Lewington! from Local Optimize..They are a fast growing marketing company on the island. Some might argue they are better than ex Googlers!

 See Tenerife SEO What have you got to loose?

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Canary Islands Travel Club

Spain is a popular diving destination offering Mediterranean diving. Many diving resorts are popular holiday centres in their own right and divers will benefit from the wide rang of accommodation and tourist facilities 

The main diving areas in Spain are the Balearic Islands and the Medas Islands off the Costa Brava. Additionally, the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean offer many opportunities for divers. Spain is also a good jumping off point for diving in Gibraltar. There are two main islands, Meda Gran and Meda Petita together with numerous large outlying rocks, pinnacles and spectacular caverns caused by erosion. The islands are also the home

of a huge marine park reserve and consequently, there is an abundance of sea life including octopus, grouper, scorpion fish, rays, shoals of jacks, sea bream, barracuda and
many more species. Tenerife isn’t just in the top 100 travel destinations for most Europeans, its actually in the top 6!, just after Majorca. Teneriffa Ferienhaeuser Facbook



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Tenerife – many different expats

Although Tenerife has long been a favorite for the British, most people do not know that it is
actually Germans and also Russian who choose to this paradise island the most. But this
depends on what part of the island you visit.

The Canary islands really opened up in the 1970’s with the arrival of low cost holidays made it
possible for many holiday makers to arrive her from across Europe. Puerto de la Cruz was
one the most popular locations for many Germans, particularly in the area of La Paz.
teneriffa­ ​­ Many holiday makers choose to have a farm rental during their
say here. This website has a large collection of fincas on offer. This is the perfect setting to
relax with the family while on vacation.
The vast majority of British holidaymakers go to the South of the island. Typical motivations
include, greater levels of sunshine than the North of the island, better connection to the main
airport and increased access to party locations such as Playa de las Americas.
A benefit of Puerto de la cruz is it’s rural surrounding. The town was historically a port town,
but adjacent can be found the green and fertile La Orotava valley. It has a very mild
temperature all year round and is often refereed to as the ‘land of eternal spring ​­ see the Finca page.​ – government of Canaries island.

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