Tenerife top 100


Tenerife top 100

Tenerife website directory.  This site displays the top 100 websites available in Tenerife. Websites are only submitted of the highest quality and relevancy to the Canary islands. We will be having a mixture of small business sites, directories and resources that are generally useful.




Tenerife is located of the edge of Africa, but it is actually part of the Europe.

Some of the best property portals and directories on the islands.

Property portal sites

Sam Westfield’d blog - he knows what is going on in Puerto de la Cruz.

Some great sites on eduction on the island of Tenerife.

Tenerife tourism Blog (in Spanish)- general Tenerife news and events.

If you want to improve you English, or in fact any language. are looking for I would recommend English language immersion from BLA languages. They offer weekend courses, where they take you over the entire island. What is great is that you will constantly be speaking the entire time – and learning! They are run by are really great guy who knows the island very well.




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